A set of XSU080188 cross roller bearings is being prepared for shipment to South Africa

This morning, one of our South African customers wants to purchase an XSU080188 cross roller bearing. Due to the large and sufficient inventory in our factory, we will package it directly and send it to the customer after the inspection this afternoon. We usually put a pair of gloves in the package for customer inspection of the bearing, and also include a sample book of our bearings. We look forward to working with the customer again in the future.

Our factory specializes in producing various types of bearings, including high-precision, high rigidity, and high load-bearing cross roller bearings, turntable bearings, harmonic reducer bearings, thrust roller bearings, slewing bearings, and non-standard customized bearings.Our main products are RB, RA, CRBH, SX, RU, XU, XSU series crossed cylindrical roller bearings, XR, JXR crossed tapered roller bearings, YRT, YRTS, ZKLDF series rotary table bearings. Many models are bulk on the stock. Diameter range from 20 mm to 2,000 mm. All products are produced by advanced CNC machines and are 100% inspected. The Precision class is P5 P4 and P2. The warranty is 12 months.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements.

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