Luoyang EFANT has newly invested in a four meter CNC vertical grinder and a one meter four meter CNC vertical grinder

Luoyang EFANT Precision Bearing has recently invested in a new 4-meter CNC vertical grinder and a 1.4-meter CNC vertical grinder to further improve production capacity and product quality, solve the problem of large mechanical precision cross roller bearing turntable bearing transmission for customers, and improve accuracy. This grinder will mainly be used to produce precision cross roller bearings with larger diameters and higher precision for turntable bearings.

This four meter CNC vertical grinder is equipped with advanced CNC systems and high-precision grinding tools, which can achieve more precise grinding processing, ensuring that the diameter and roundness accuracy of the product and the end face raceway accuracy reach a higher level. This is undoubtedly a significant breakthrough for some large precision bearing customers who require high precision.

The investment of this grinder will enable Luoyang EFANT Precision Bearings to better meet market demand, especially for precision cross roller bearings, turntable bearings, and non-standard bearings of various ultra large mechanical equipment. At the same time, the company will also increase its research and development efforts, continuously improve product quality and technological content, and provide customers with higher quality solutions.

Luoyang EFANT Precision Bearings specializes in producing high-precision and high rigidity cross roller bearings, rotary table bearings, slewing bearings, harmonic reducer bearings, etc

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