Welcome Brazilian customers to visit EFANT factory

Yesterday afternoon, Brazilian customers who had cooperated with us visited our factory. In 2022, the customer purchased 50 sets of RB30025 cross roller bearings for use on rotary workbenches. This year, they want to purchase a new batch of YRT rotary table bearings. Based on the working conditions provided by the customer, we recommended YRT395 rotary table bearings to the customer. The bearing has an inner diameter of 395 millimeters, an outer diameter of 525 millimeters, a height of 65 millimeters, high accuracy, strong rigidity, and a wide range of applications. Both the inner and outer rings have installation holes, which are easy to install. Because we are factory processed, the price is also reasonable, and the customer is willing to cooperate with us.

Our factory specializes in producing high-precision, high rigidity, and high load-bearing cross roller bearings, YRT turntable bearings, harmonic reducer bearings, slewing bearings, non-standard customized bearings, etc. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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