Flange Slewing Bearing Are Ready shipped to Argentina

On June 2, we received an inquiry from Argentina. The customer wanted to buy a flange slewing bearing. Because we don’t have this type of flanged bearing in stock, we waited for the customer to place an order, paid a deposit, and immediately placed the material. While ensuring quality, we accelerated the production progress. The project is finally completed today. After a series of tests, it has reached the state of delivery, and it will be delivered this afternoon.

Luoyang E-find Precision Bearing specializes in the production of high-precision, high-rigidity, heavy-load crossed roller bearings, rotary table bearings, harmonic bearings and customized bearings for 19 years.

Our main products are RB, RA, CRBH, SX, RU, XU, XSU series crossed cylindrical roller bearings, XR, JXR crossed tapered roller bearings, YRT, YRTS, ZKLDF series rotary table bearings. Many models are bulk on the stock.

You can contact us if you have any requirements!

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