Luoyang Yufanda has sent summer benefits to employees

Recently, Luoyang EFANT Precision Bearing has prepared a series of cooling measures for employees to help them stay at work in hot weather. The company provides employees with cold watermelon, ice cream, green bean soup and other summer food, so that employees can get a little cool in the hot sun.

High temperature weather not only has a negative impact on people's physical health, but also has a significant impact on work efficiency. Luoyang EFANT Bearing has decided to take proactive measures to reduce the physical burden on its employees. By providing these foods to employees, we hope to provide a hint of coolness and comfort, enabling them to better cope with hot weather.

Iced watermelon, ice-cream and green bean soup are common summer food. They are not only delicious, but also rich in water and nutrients, which help reduce body temperature and maintain water balance. This move has also received unanimous praise from the workers. Many workers say that these cooling measures not only reflect the company's care for employees, but also enable them to better complete their work tasks. They are grateful to the company for providing them with these summer foods and express their willingness to work harder.

The practice of Luoyang Yufanda Bearing provides a good demonstration for other enterprises. In the face of hot weather, providing cooling measures for employees not only helps to improve their work efficiency, but also reduces their physical burden, and demonstrates the company's care and concern for employees. Such measures are believed to bring a sense of freshness and comfort to employees, and promote the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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