RA10008 Cross Roller Bearings have been shipped to Holland

Material: GCr15&GCr15SiMn

Precision: P2,P4,P5

Processing: Lathing, milling,grinding,drilling
Heat treatment: quenching or tempering

Certification: ISO SGS

Yesterday, a customer in the Netherlands placed an order to purchase 20 sets of RA10008 Cross Roller Bearings. Because of this bearing, we have a large amount of stock, and yesterday the factory packed the bearing as quickly as possible, contacted the shipping company, and shipped it this morning.

RA10008 Cross Roller Bearings are designed to handle both radial and axial loads by using cylindrical rollers arranged in a crisscross pattern between inner and outer rings. The rollers are oriented at right angles to each other and are held in position by spacers. This arrangement allows for high load capacity and axial, radial, and moment stiffness.

The RA10008 cross roller bearing finds applications in various industries and machines, including robotics, machine tools, industrial automation, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, optical equipment, aerospace and defense.

Overall, the RA10008 cross roller bearing is valued for its high rigidity, compact design, and precise positioning capabilities, making it an ideal choice for various industrial and technological applications.

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