RB80070 cross roller bearingsare are ready Shipped to Peru

Precision: P2,P4,P5
Processing: Lathing, milling,grinding,drilling
Heat treatment: quenching or tempering

Last Sunday, it was cloudy and rainy, but it still didn't affect the delivery speed of our factory.

Since receiving an order from a Peruvian customer, we have been processing and producing bearings at the fastest speed. The customer requested 10 sets of RB80070 cross roller bearings with an inner diameter of 800 millimeters, an outer diameter of 950 millimeters, and a height of 70 millimeters, which are intended for use in large machinery. This is not our first time producing larger bearings, as we have also produced large non-standard rotary table bearings before, so we can easily produce this batch of goods.

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