50 pieces of YRT150 rotary table bearings are undergoing initial grinding in the raceway

In the past two days, the batch of 50 YRT150 rotary table bearings ordered by a Thai customer has started initial grinding of the raceway. Due to the urgent urging from the customer, we are processing this batch of bearings with quality and quantity guaranteed.

The inner diameter of the YRT150 turntable bearings is 150 millimeters, the outer diameter is 240 millimeters, and the height is 40 millimeters,they are axial and radial combined cylindrical roller bearings, which is fixed by a bidirectional thrust bearing and a centripetal-guided bearing. They can support radial loads, axial loads from both directions and tilting moments free from clearance. For the convenienience of transportation and fixing,two or three symmetrical  screws are fastened to the two rings in oder to prevent rollers and rings generating collisions which influence bearing accuracy.

Our factory specializes in producing a series of bearings, including cross roller bearings, YRT turntable bearings, harmonic reducer bearings, turntable bearings, non-standard customized bearings, etc.

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