Russian customer visit EFANT factory

Last Thursday, one of our Russian customers came to China to inspect our factory strength and our bearing quality. But on that day, it suddenly snowed heavily in Luoyang, as if a thick blanket had been laid on the ground, which looked extraordinarily beautiful. But the temperature plummeted, the snow fell, and the weather was inclement, causing the customer's plane to be delayed until after 8 pm. But don’t worry, we waited at the airport in advance, and when the customer got off the plane, we took the customer to a famous restaurant in Luoyang for dinner. On the way, we showed pictures and videos of the bearings that the customer was interested in, and accompanied them with text explanations.

In the early morning of the next day, we arrived at our factory together with the customer, took the customer around the factory, showed the advanced CNC machine tool equipment in our factory, and various types of bearings being processed, and introduced the characteristics of our bearings. Raw materials, processing methods, and final finished products are shown. The customer is very satisfied with us, and he is very relieved when he says that the bearings we produce. In the end, the two sides signed a long-term contract.

Luoyang E-find Precision Bearing Manufacturing Company is professional in researching and producing high precision crossed roller bearings, rotary table bearings for 18 years.our main products are RB, RA, CRBH, RU, XU, XSU and SX series crossed cylindrical roller bearings; YRT, YRTC, YRTS, and ZKLDF series rotary table bearings.

Our company value is let our custom succeed, and to choose us is to choose high quality, choose rest assured! 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements.

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