Welcome Russian customers to visit EFANT factory

In recent months, our factory has frequently received visits from foreign customers. Last night at around 9 o'clock, we met our Russian customers who we had been in contact with for a long time at Luoyang Longmen High-speed Railway Station. Because they have been traveling by plane and high-speed train for a long time, they must be very tired. After receiving the customer, we first take the customer to dinner, and then arrange for the customer to check into the hotel that has been booked.

At 9 o'clock this morning, we met with the customer and went to the factory to visit the bearing production workshop. We saw the CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, our bearing installation room, and the inventory room. The customer was full of praise for our bearings.

You can contact us if you have any requirements!https://www.eftbearing.com/contact-us/

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