Warmly Celebrate the Successful First Commercial Flight of C919

May 28, 2023, is a day worth marking in the history of Chinese civil aviation, and a day worth remembering by all Chinese people.

China Eastern Airlines used the world's first C919 large passenger aircraft delivered by COMAC to execute flight MU9191, took off from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and successfully arrived at Beijing Capital Airport, successfully completing the world's first commercial passenger flight of this aircraft type.

Normalized commercial operation will be implemented on the Hongqiao Chengdu Tianfu route. In the future, passengers can choose to travel by domestic large planes!

The C919 large-scale passenger aircraft is the first jet-type mainline passenger aircraft independently developed by China in accordance with internationally accepted airworthiness standards and has independent intellectual property rights. The large domestic aircraft soared into the blue sky, drawing the most moving flight path.

In 2019, our company produced a large wind tunnel test device for Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which provided the original wind tunnel test data for the domestic large aircraft C919, escorting the successful delivery of the domestic large aircraft.

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