YRT460 Rotary Table Bearing are Processing

Last weekend, the weather continued to rain. As of this Monday, the sky cleared and the sun shone on the earth, which swept away a layer of haze from everyone's mood.

This Tuesday, we received a large order from a Russian customer. The customer found our factory through the official website of EFANT bearing. He wanted to order 20 sets of YRT460 rotary table bearings, with a diameter of 460mm, an inner diameter of 600mm, and a bearing height of 70 mm, to be used on precision CNC machine tools. The main products of our factory are high-precision, high-rigidity, high-load crossed roller bearings and YRT rotary table bearings. This customer will not be disappointed to choose us as his partner.

In the past two days, our factory has cut the material and is preparing to produce this batch of bearings.

You can contact us if you have any requirements!

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