A YRT950 sample turntable bearing is being sent to Canada

In the past two days, a batch of YRT950 turntable bearings we produced some time ago has been completed, installed and tested, and cannot be dry stored in the warehouse.

Yesterday, we received an inquiry from a customer from Canada who wanted to purchase a turntable bearing. We asked the customer about his working conditions, speed and other requirements, and finally recommended the YRT950 turntable bearing model to the customer. YRT950 turntable bearing has an inner diameter of 950 mm, an outer diameter of 1200 mm, and a height of 132 mm. It is not only heavy-duty, but also easy to install (both inner and outer rings have mounting holes). The customer will have a large order in the future, so we first purchase a sample to test the quality of the bearing. This morning, our factory will re-test the bearings shipped out of the warehouse. Once they pass, they will be packed and shipped. We look forward to subsequent customer feedback and orders.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any requirements.

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