What are super-precision single row angular contact ball bearings?


Ultra-precision single row angular contact ball bearings consist of outer rings, inner rings, balls and window cages. Standardized outer dimensions and very narrow tolerances make this type of bearing particularly suitable for applications that require very high guidance accuracy, such as bearing arrangements for equipment spindles.

Super-precision single row angular contact ball bearings include a rich product range and can provide layout designs for spindle bearings of all related equipment. In addition to the listed bearing products, other structural designs can also be provided by agreement.

2.Universal matched bearings:

This type of bearing is a universal matched bearing:

·Bearing rings have the same width;

The protrusion on both sides of the bearing has the same size;

Individual bearings can be installed in any bearing arrangement required, such as X-type, O-type or tandem arrangement with rigid or elastic preload, or can be combined in different bearing groups.

In order to ensure consistent bearing loads in a tandem bearing arrangement, paired bearings have the same dimensional deviation between the inner diameter and the outer diameter.

In a type 0 bearing arrangement with rigid adjustment, grouping detection of the interference between the shaft and bearing bore diameters or the bearing seat and bearing outside diameters can help control changes in actual preload after the bearing is installed.

Bearings can be arranged according to the direction of the arrow on the outer surface of the outer ring. This feature brings great advantages in the purchase of accessories and management of inventory.

3.Universal matching bearing set:

The universal matched bearing set is composed of universal matched bearings with the same technical indicators, the same bearing inner diameter deviation and the same bearing outer diameter deviation. The dimensional deviation represents the deviation value of the bearing inner diameter or outer diameter marked on the bearing ring.

4.Carrying capacity:

Universal matched bearings can withstand unidirectional axial load and radial load.

Single row angular contact ball spindle bearings in Type 0 and Type X arrangements can withstand bidirectional axial forces and moments.

Single row angular contact ball spindle bearings arranged in series can only bear axial load in one direction.

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