How to adjust the bearing preload?

Bearing preload refers to the process of applying a force or load to a bearing before it is installed in an assembly. The purpose of preload is to remove any internal clearance or looseness within the bearing. This is important because when a bearing is subjected to a load or force during operation, it will naturally experience some deflection or deformation. Without preload, the initial clearance in the bearing could allow for excessive deflection, which can lead to reduced bearing life and performance.

It's important to note that the amount of preload should be carefully calculated based on the specific application and bearing type. Preload that is too high or too low can result in premature bearing failure, decreased performance, or excessive heat generation. It's also important to follow the manufacturer's recommended procedure for adjusting the preload to ensure proper installation and operation of the bearing.


But How to adjust the bearing preload?

You can follow these methods:

1.Shimming: This method involves adding or removing thin metal shims between the bearing races or the housing to adjust the internal clearance. The thickness of the shims can be adjusted to achieve the desired preload. Once the correct preload is achieved, the shims are locked in place with adhesive or retaining clips.

2.Nut adjustment: For bearings with a threaded shaft, preload can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the nut. This method is often used in automotive and industrial applications, where bearings are mounted on a spindle or axle. The nut is tightened to increase preload or loosened to reduce it until the desired level is achieved.

3.Spring adjustment: In some applications, a spring can be used to apply a constant force to the bearing to achieve the desired preload. This method is commonly used in high-precision applications, such as machine tools, where a consistent preload is critical to achieving accurate results.

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