What causes rolling bearing parts to peel off?

Rolling bearing failure, specifically peeling of bearing parts, can occur due to various factors. Peeling refers to the detachment or flaking of material from the bearing surface, leading to a compromised performance and ultimately failure. Here are some common causes of peeling in rolling bearings:


Overloading: Excessive loads beyond the bearing's capacity can cause fatigue failure, leading to the initiation of cracks and subsequent peeling.

Inadequate lubrication: Lack of proper lubrication or using the wrong type of lubricant can result in increased friction, heat, and wear, leading to fatigue and peeling.


Particle contamination: Abrasive particles in the lubricant or introduced from the environment can cause localized wear, leading to peeling.

Water ingress: Moisture can lead to corrosion, especially in the presence of contaminants, accelerating the peeling process.


Shaft misalignment: Improper alignment between shafts can cause uneven loading on the bearing, leading to premature wear and peeling.

4.Poor Installation:

Improper mounting: Incorrect installation practices, such as excessive preload or clearance, can lead to uneven loading and subsequent peeling.

5.Material Defects:

Inadequate material quality: Poor-quality materials or manufacturing defects in the bearing can contribute to premature failure, including peeling.

6.Inadequate Hardness:

Insufficient hardness: If the bearing material is not hardened to the appropriate level, it may not withstand the applied loads, leading to peeling.


Chemical attack: Exposure to corrosive environments or improper chemical compatibility with lubricants can lead to corrosion and subsequent peeling.


Excessive vibration: Vibrations beyond the design limits of the bearing can induce fatigue and wear, resulting in peeling.

9.Inadequate Maintenance:

Neglecting maintenance: Lack of regular inspections, lubrication, and monitoring can allow issues to go unnoticed, leading to progressive damage and peeling.

To prevent peeling and enhance the longevity of rolling bearings, it's crucial to follow proper installation procedures, use the right lubrication, maintain correct alignment, and address any issues promptly through regular maintenance and monitoring.

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