Do you truly understand rotary table bearings?

Rotary table bearing is a precision bearing with a special structure that can simultaneously withstand comprehensive loads such as axial load, radial load, and overturning torque. It integrates functions such as support, rotation, transmission, and fixation.

The rotary table bearings are generally designed with negative clearance and preloading to ensure high rigidity and rotational accuracy of the bearings; In general, the inner and outer rings of the turntable bearing have installation holes, lubricating oil holes, and sealing structures, which are suitable for different installation and usage needs of various equipment under precision working conditions; Turntable bearings have the characteristics of compact structure, high rotational accuracy, easy installation and maintenance. Turntable bearings mainly include YRT rotary table bearings, YRTS rotary table bearings, YRTM rotary table bearings, ZKLDF rotary table bearings.

YRT rotary table bearings:

The thrust centripetal combination structure can simultaneously withstand bidirectional axial loads, radial loads, and overturning moments. There are mounting holes evenly distributed on the bearings, which can be directly fixed to the bearings using bolts; The bearings have been preloaded before leaving the factory, so there is no need to adjust the clearance during installation; The YRT turntable bearing series is suitable for situations with low rotational speed, short operating cycle, and high requirements for rigidity and accuracy, such as rotary workbenches, indexing heads, etc.

YRTS high-speed rotary table bearings series:

The external structural dimensions are the same as the YRT series, but the internal structure is different from the YRT series, which determines that the YRTS turntable bearing series has a higher limit speed and lower and more uniform friction torque than the YRT turntable bearing series. Therefore, for fields that require relatively low friction but relatively high speed, this series can be selected, such as bearings used for shafts driven by direct drive motors.

ZKLDF thrust angular contact ball series:

The ZKLDF thrust angle contact ball series can also withstand combined loads, but has extremely high rotational speed and extremely low friction torque, while ensuring high rotational accuracy. Very suitable for applications with such requirements, such as high-speed rotary workbenches, milling, grinding, as well as precision measurement and measuring equipment.

YRTM Bi-directional Thrust Cylindrical Roller Combination Bearing with Angle Measurement System

This series of bearings is based on YTR turntable bearings, and an angle measurement system is installed on the YRT turntable bearings to accurately measure and adjust the rotation angle of the bearings, ensuring high-precision operation of the machine. The measurement system consists of sensor components and measuring rulers. Adopting the principle of pure inductance measurement, the signal is extremely accurate and the measurement accuracy is high. At the same time, due to the use of high prevention measures, the measurement system will not be affected by external interference during operation, such as dust and smoke, mild oil stains and scratches, magnetic fields, etc. It works reliably, does not require excessive maintenance, and has a wide range of applications. It can be applied to high-precision rotary workbenches and axes, indexing heads, military radars, aviation, aerospace, and fields that require high angle rotation accuracy in measurement and testing.

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