RU148 Cross roller bearing Order Are Ready Dispatched

Material: GCr15

Precision: P2,P4,P5

Processing: Lathing, milling,grinding,drilling

Heat treatment: quenching or tempering

Certification: ISO SGS

ru148 cross roller bearing

Compared with other commonly used antifriction devices, such as ball bearings, cross roller bearings provide higher accuracy, stiffness and load bearing capacity for linear motion. Unlike ball bearings, they can withstand torque, radial or tilting loads. This allows one cross roller bearing to replace more than one ball bearing, thus saving the space required by ball bearings and reducing related material costs.

Cross roller bearings are the first choice for high-precision linear motion applications. Linear motion is relatively short and requires smooth motion. They are also durable and can withstand 150 million cycles, even for linear motion applications with high levels of acceleration and deceleration using 2 to 12 mm rollers and 30 to 600 mm lengths.

They can be found in medical and laboratory equipment, machine tools, semiconductor processing, clean rooms, vacuum environments, material handling and automated machinery. With more and more high technical requirements, more and more high requirements for accuracy, cross roller bearings will become more and more common.

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