What are the structural classification and load-bearing characteristics of slewing bearings?

Slewing bearings are large-scale special structure bearing that can simultaneously bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment and other comprehensive loads. Usually, it has mounting holes, lubricating oil holes and sealing devices, which can meet the different needs of various types of hosts under various working conditions.

Structural classification of slewing bearings:

Commonly used structural forms of slew bearings include single-row, double-row four-point contact ball slew bearings, double-row angular contact thrust ball slew bearings, crossed cylindrical roller and crossed tapered roller slew bearings, three-row cylindrical roller slew bearings, ball Different structural forms such as column hybrid slew bearings. The above types of bearings are divided into different structures such as toothless type, external tooth type, and internal tooth type according to whether they are toothed and the distribution position of the gear.

Load-bearing characteristics of slewing bearings:

1.According to different structural characteristics, the slewing bearing can meet the needs of the working host under various load conditions. Among them, the four-point contact ball slewing bearing has a high dynamic load capacity.

2.The carrying capacity of the double-row ball turntable with different diameters is greatly improved compared to the single-row ball turntable.

3.Crossed cylindrical roller turntable has high static load capacity.

4.Ball-column combined slew bearings have a greater ability to withstand axial and radial loads and overturning moments while ensuring a certain rotation accuracy.

5.Three-row cylindrical roller combination turntable: Since the load-bearing capacity is increased in the height direction of the bearing, and various loads are borne by different raceways and roller groups, the diameter of the bearing can be greatly increased under the same stress conditions. It is reduced in size, thus making the main engine more compact. It is a slew bearing with high load-bearing capacity.

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