What is the principle and structure of cross roller bearings?

What is the internal structure of the cross roller?

In cross roller bearings, spacing retainers or isolation blocks are installed between the rollers. These spacing retainers or isolation blocks can prevent the tilting of rollers or friction between rollers, effectively preventing an increase in rotational torque. It also avoids the occurrence of contact or locking of one side of the roller. Because the inner and outer rings are segmented structures (Figure 3), the gaps can be adjusted, and even with preloading, high-precision rotational motion can be achieved. The rollers are arranged perpendicular to each other in a 90 ° V-groove rolling surface, which allows the cross roller bearing to withstand large radial and axial loads.

What are the characteristics and advantages of cross roller bearings?

A.Cross roller bearings have sturdy and inseparable inner and outer ring structures, which can easily achieve high stiffness and precision without being affected by surrounding structures. Bearings are suitable for medium to high speeds and are equipped with isolation blocks between cylindrical rollers to provide smooth rotation.

B.The cross roller shaft has the characteristics of high rigidity, accuracy, and easy installation. The installation holes can quickly secure them to the components. This type of cylindrical roller is also equipped with isolation blocks between them.

C.Cross roller bearings have a smaller outer diameter and narrower width. If high-performance and space saving are required, cross roller bearings can also be chosen.

Because the cross roller bearing is divided into two outer or inner rings, which are fixed together after the rollers and retainers are installed, the installation operation is very simple. Moreover, the high-precision characteristics of the cross roller bearing can reach P4/P2 level, with a smaller volume, making the host more space saving.

Cross roller bearings can be widely used in the following industries:

A.The turret cutter indexing, indexing disc, and loader parts in the machine tool industry;

B.The rotation and joint drive parts in the robotics industry;

C.The handling robots and inspection platforms in the robotics industry;

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