Do cross roller bearings need grease?

Why do cross roller bearings require grease?

The lubricating grease inside the cross roller bearing enters a stable distribution state after a complex flow at the beginning. The small amount of flowing lubricating grease left in the friction area plays the main lubrication role, while the lubricating grease left in the outer cover does not flow, that is, does not have a direct lubrication effect. However, the lubricating grease left inside the outer cover serves as a seal to prevent the flowing lubricating grease left in the friction area from flowing out. Adding too much lubricating grease is unnecessary, as it can increase friction and increase temperature. However, if too little grease is added, the oil film repair ability of the lubricating grease is not strong, which can deteriorate the lubrication state of the bearing. Therefore, it is important to determine the appropriate amount of lubricating grease to be filled in the bearing.

What are the benefits of lubricating grease?

1. Lubricating grease forms ink between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, reducing friction;

2. When there is a phenomenon of biased load in the bearings, relative slip will occur between the rolling working surfaces. Liquid lubricating film can greatly reduce the scratches caused by the above phenomena, thereby extending the fatigue life of bearings;

3. Lubricating grease is beneficial for dissipating heat during bearing movement;

4. Oil plays a sealing role, preventing dust and moisture from entering the bearing;

5. Lubricating grease is a good rust and anti-corrosion agent;

6. The lubricating oil film can absorb some energy and play a role in shock absorption and sound insulation;

What are the lubrication techniques for cross roller bearings?

1. The oil bath of the cross roller bearing is smooth:

Oil bath smoothing is a common smoothing method in the thinnest walled cross roller bearings, suitable for smoothing low and medium speed bearings. Immerse a part of the NSK bearing in the oil groove, and the smooth oil will be carried by the rotating bearing parts, and then flow back to the oil groove. The oil level should be slightly lower than the center of the lowest rolling element.

2. The oil dripping of the cross roller bearing is smooth:

Smooth oil dripping is suitable for thrust cylindrical roller bearing components that require a quantitative supply of smooth oil. The amount of oil dripping should be one drop every 3-8 seconds, as excessive oil will cause an increase in bearing temperature.

3. The circulating oil of the cross roller bearing is smooth:

Use an oil pump to keep the filtered oil in the NSK bearing components, and then filter and cool the smooth oil after passing through the bearings before use. Because circulating oil can take away a certain amount of heat, cooling the bearings, this method is suitable for bearing components with higher rotational speeds.

4. The spray of cross roller bearing is smooth:

The dry shrinkage air is mixed with the smooth oil through the spray to cause oil mist. In the radial cross tapered roller bearing, the air flow can effectively cool the bearing and avoid the intrusion of impurities. This method is suitable for the smoothness of high-speed and low-temperature bearing components.

5. Radiant smoothness of cross roller bearings:

Use an oil pump to inject low-pressure oil into the NSK bearing through a nozzle, and the oil injected into the bearing flows into the oil groove through the other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at high speed, the rolling element and the support frame also create airflow around the air at a relatively high rotational speed. It is difficult for the turntable bearing to deliver smooth oil to the bearing using individual smooth methods. At this point, smooth oil must be sprayed into the bearing using low-pressure radiation, and the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the center of the support frame.

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