54 Youth Day

Youth Day is a holiday celebrated annually on May 4 in the People’s Republic of China, in honor of young age 14 and older.

The Youth Day originated from the"May Forth Movement" in China's anti imperialist patriotism in 1919, it is the beginning of the new democratic revolution in China. In 1939, the Youth salvation Federation stipulated May 4th as the Youth Day.

During the Youth Day, rich and colorful commemorative activities are held in all parts of China, and young people will concentrate on various social voluntary and social practice activities, such as volunteering in nursing homes or helping traffic coordinators maintain traffic order. Many high school will hold a coming of age ceremony called “Guan Li” for junior students who are graduating shortly after the Youth Day.

In recently years, the Republican style has become prevalent in universities. Many university students wear the student uniforms of those during the time of the Republic of China, as a way of celebration.

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