Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the Luoyang EFANT Precision Bearing Exhibition In HANNOVER MESSE 2024

Luoyang EFANT Precision Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently participated in an industrial technology exhibition held in Hanover, Germany, showcasing products such as cross roller bearings and turntable bearings. During the exhibition, the company's booth attracted the attention and consultation of numerous domestic and foreign customers, and the display effect and professional service were highly recognized by industry insiders.

The company delegation showcased the latest research and development achievements and technological strength of the company, and exchanged and cooperated with peers in the industry at home and abroad, greatly enhancing the company's visibility and influence in the international market.

The successful hosting of this exhibition not only broadened the company's international perspective, but also laid a solid foundation for its future development. Luoyang Yufanda will continue to strive for innovation, continuously improve product quality and service level, and provide customers with higher quality bearing products and solutions.

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