013.40.1120 Inner Gear Slewing Bearings are ready shipped to Russia

Yesterday, the sun was shining and the breeze was gentle.

We received an order from a Russian customer. This customer wants to buy an internal gear slewing bearing with an inner diameter of about 1000 mm, an outer diameter of about 1250 mm, and a height of 100 mm. It is to be used on large mechanical equipment. We recommended him 013.40 .1120 internal tooth slewing bearing, because its inner diameter is 998 mm, outer diameter is 1242 mm, and height is 100 mm, it just meets the customer's requirements, but it is not in stock, and the construction period takes 40 days. After the customer thought for a day, this afternoon He sent us a message after 1 o'clock and said that he could accept a 40-day delivery time and was willing to cooperate with our factory. As soon as our factory receives the cooperation information, we will start cutting materials and make

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