RB18025 Cross Roller BearingsHad Shipped to Mexico

Our factory generally has a large inventory of standard bearing models. After receiving an inquiry from a Mexican customer last night to order 10 sets of RB18025 crossed roller bearings, we immediately signed a contract with the customer. However, due to the time, it was a bit late, so this morning Start making preparations. We first shipped 10 sets of RB18025 bearings out of the warehouse, and then tested whether the data of these bearings were qualified before starting to pack the trucks. This batch of goods has already begun transportation, heading to the nearest port to us, and departing for Mexico.

RB18025 crossed roller bearing has an inner diameter of 180 mm, an outer diameter of 240 mm, and a height of 25 mm. It is used for precision machine tools. Our factory produces high-precision, high-rigidity, and high-load precision bearings, so we are very assured of the satisfaction of the customers to our bearings and hope that we can establish a long-term partnership with this customer in the future and help each other.

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