Production and Shipment of Large Non-standard Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings

Luoyang E-find Precision Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of cross roller bearings and rotary table bearings, has recently successfully designed and completed the development of a large angular contact thrust ball bearing, and recently completed the testing work of the bearing, comprehensively ensuring the quality and performance of the product. The successful design and production of this bearing marks a certain breakthrough in the company's non-standard precision bearing manufacturing technology.

It is understood that the angular contact thrust ball bearing is a type of bearing used in large mechanical equipment, with a large load capacity, high rotational accuracy, and stability. For the manufacturing and testing of this bearing, the company has comprehensively optimized the process flow and testing methods, striving to achieve the highest standards, and strengthened quality control to ensure the product's qualification rate.

At present, the large angular contact thrust ball bearing has been fully manufactured and has passed the final inspection and acceptance, and is about to be ready for shipment. The successful development and shipment of this product will open up non-standard large-scale bearing manufacturing for the company's development, enhance the company's brand and competitiveness, and lay a more solid foundation for achieving the company's development strategic goals.

Our main products are RB, RA, CRBH, SX, RU, XU, XSU series crossed cylindrical roller bearings, XR, JXR crossed tapered roller bearings, YRT, YRTS, ZKLDF series rotary table bearings. Many models are bulk on the stock. Diameter range from 20 mm to 2,000 mm. All products are produced by advanced CNC machines and are 100% inspected. The Precision class is P5 P4 and P2. The warranty is 12 months. 

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