Slewing Bearing Without Gear have been flown to Canada

This afternoon, we are going to airlift a slewing bearing without gear. This order is for one of our Canadian customers. Because the customer are in urgent need, we airlift the goods as quickly as possible, and do everything possible to meet the reasonable needs of our customers.

Now, let me introduce slewing bearing without gear.

A slewing bearing is a type of rotational bearing that allows for axial, radial, and moment loads to be transmitted simultaneously. It consists of an inner and outer ring with rolling elements between them. The rolling elements may be balls or cylindrical rollers, and they allow the bearing to rotate smoothly and support heavy loads.

The slewing bearing without gear refers to a slewing bearing that does not have teeth or gears attached to it. This type of bearing is often used in applications where the rotation of the bearing is not required to drive other components. For example, a slewing bearing without gear may be used in a wind turbine to support the weight of the nacelle, or in a crane to support the boom.

Slewing bearings without gears are usually less expensive than those with gears, and they are often easier to install and maintain. However, they are not suitable for applications where the bearing needs to transmit torque or drive other components. In these cases, a slewing bearing with gear teeth may be more appropria.

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