XU080149 Cross roller Bearing have been shipped to Finland

Last Saturday morning, one of our Finnish customers wanted to order XU080149 Cross roller Bearing. Because their bearing was damaged, they urgently needed a replacement. After learning that we had stock, they immediately placed an order and paid for it on the same day, so we sent the goods in the afternoon. And the customer is very satisfied with our delivery speed.

Our XU080149 is a type of cross roller bearing. Cross roller bearings are a type of radial roller bearings that are designed to handle both radial and axial loads. They have cylindrical rollers that are oriented in a cross formation between the inner and outer rings, which allows them to handle loads in multiple directions.

The XU080149 cross roller bearing has an inner ring diameter of 101.6 mm and an outer ring diameter of 196.85 mm. It has a width of 22.22 mm and a dynamic load rating of 49.5 kN. This type of bearing is commonly used in industrial and manufacturing applications where high precision and load capacity are required.

Some of the typical applications for XU080149 cross roller bearings include robotics, machine tools, medical equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. They are also used in other types of machinery that require high precision and load handling capabilities.

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