2 pieces of XSU080188 crossed roller bearings have been sent to Brazil!

Yesterday afternoon, 2 pieces of XSU080188 crossed roller bearings that we inspected and packaged were sent to Brazilian customers by air. Because the customers urgently needed the bearings, we had a large inventory. When the customers paid for the order, we urgently inspected the bearings and packaged them. And then Send these goods to customers by air.

 Our main products are RB, RA, CRBH, SX, RU, XU, XSU series crossed cylindrical roller bearings, XR, JXR crossed tapered roller bearings, YRT, YRTS, ZKLDF series rotary table bearings. Many models are bulk on the stock. Diameter range from 20 mm to 2,000 mm. All products are produced by advanced CNC machines and are 100% inspected. The Precision class is P5 P4 and P2. The warranty is 12 months. Our products have high precision, high rigidity, high load capacity, widely used in the industrial robot, machining center, precision rotary table, indexing head, grinding machine, hobbing machine, aerospace, medical equipment, measuring instruments and IC manufacturing machines, etc fields. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any requirements.

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