What is cross roller bearing?

A cross roller bearing, also known as crossed roller bearing or crossed roller slewing bearing, is a specialized type of roller bearing designed to provide high rotational accuracy and load-bearing capability in a compact form. It consists of cylindrical rollers arranged in a crossed pattern between inner and outer rings.

The unique design of cross roller bearings allows them to handle radial, axial, and moment loads simultaneously, making them suitable for applications where precise rotational motion is required, such as robotics, machine tools, medical devices, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

These bearings have the advantage of high rigidity and precision due to their crossed arrangement of rollers, which minimizes friction and ensures smooth motion even under heavy loads. They are also known for their compact design, which allows for space-saving installations.

Cross roller bearings come in various configurations and sizes to accommodate different load capacities and mounting arrangements, and they are often used in pairs or sets to support axial and radial loads from multiple directions.

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