What are the advantages of cross roller bearings?

Cross roller bearings, also known as cross shaped roller bearings, generally use cylindrical or tapered rollers arranged in a single raceway in a cross shaped manner. The rollers are separated by retainers or isolation blocks. Cross shaped roller bearings have high rotational accuracy, large load-bearing capacity, small external dimensions, high rotational speed and rigidity, and have a wide range of applications and advantages that other types of bearings cannot compare with.

What are the advantages of cross roller bearings?

Roller bearings can be easily assembled in various directions of the spindle, and can be produced in large quantities through standardization and serialization, making assembly and application easy.

2. Roller bearings can withstand both radial and axial loads together, so cross roller bearings can simplify the structure much more than multiple sets of combined bearings.

3. Cross roller bearings have low consumption of lubricating grease due to their high rotational efficiency.

4. Roller bearings can limit both radial and axial dimensions, thus saving space and can be applied in high-precision and high rigidity areas with small spatial requirements.

So what aspects should we consider when choosing cross roller bearings?

1.Axial load of bearings;

2.Bearing radial load;

3.The length of sliding cooperation;

4.The length of the bearing itself.

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