RB Cross Roller Bearing for Glass Grinder

A Heavy-duty glass grinder user in Thailand chose Efant's RB series cross roller bearings for their glass grinder.

The selected models are RB60040, RB70040, RB90070, and the accuracy requirement is P4 level.

After receiving the sample order from us, the customer is very satisfied with our slim series of cross roller bearing products because the maintenance budget is significantly reduced while the precision and smooth operation of the customer's machine is achieved.

A wet sander developed specifically for grinding glass is known as a glass grinder. It comes with a diamond bit that carefully sands away superfluous glass from fragments, turning them into flawless jigsaw pieces. To guarantee the efficient functioning of the glass grinder, the client requires a stable enough rotation state and a stable enough running quality of the machine.

Cooperation has finally accomplished its long-term strategic aim. As a result, we have RB60040 and RB70040 in stock, as well as semi-finished items, for a long period in order to assure delivery.

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