RB24025 Cross roller Bearing have been shipped to Korea

Yesterday afternoon, one of our Korean customers ordered 10 sets of RB24025 crossed roller bearings. Because we have a large amount in stock, we will start preparations, inspection and packaging after the customer places an order. The goods will be delivered this afternoon.

RB24025 is a type of crossed roller bearing that belongs to the RB series of bearings. Crossed roller bearings are designed to provide high rigidity and accuracy with a compact design. They consist of two sets of cylindrical rollers that are crossed at a 90-degree angle and contained within a split outer ring and an inner ring. The rollers alternately cross each other to distribute loads evenly and reduce friction. RB24025 has an inner diameter of 240mm, an outer diameter of 300mm, and a width of 25mm. This bearing is commonly used in industrial applications that require high precision, such as robotics, machine tools, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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