Slewing Bearing Without Gear have been shipped to Iran

This morning, one of our Iranian customers ordered slewing bearing without gear to be used in cranes. According to the working conditions provided by customers, we recommend suitable models to customers. Finally, the customer is very satisfied with our work, saying that he recognizes the professionalism and response rate of our salesman, and hopes that we can reach a long-term cooperation. We are very grateful to our customers for their recognition of the strength of our factory, and we will go all out to treat every piece of bearings from customers seriously.

A slewing bearing without gear is a type of bearing that is designed to support axial and radial loads while enabling rotation or slewing movement. Unlike a slewing bearing with gear, it does not have teeth or gears attached to its outer or inner rings to facilitate motion.

Slewing bearings without gears are commonly used in applications where the rotation is driven by an external power source or a manual mechanism, such as cranes, excavators, wind turbines, and industrial machinery. These bearings are typically made of high-quality steel and can support heavy loads while maintaining high precision and durability.

The absence of gears in slewing bearings without gear provides some advantages, such as a simpler design, reduced weight, and lower manufacturing costs. However, it also means that the motion must be manually controlled or driven by an external mechanism, which may limit its application in some cases.

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