Can cross roller bearings carry heavy loads?

Introduction to Cross Roller Bearings:

In cross roller bearings, because the cylindrical rollers are arranged perpendicular to each other through spacer retainers, one cross roller bearing can withstand loads in all directions such as radial load, axial load, and torque load. Because the rollers are arranged perpendicular to each other through spacer retainers on a 90 ° V-groove rolling surface, this design allows cross roller bearings to withstand large radial, axial, and torque loads in all directions.

Classification of Cross Roller Bearings:

Cross roller bearings are mainly divided into two categories, one is cross cylindrical roller bearings, and the other is cross tapered roller bearings.

1. Cross cylindrical roller bearings

Cross cylindrical roller bearing is a type of bearing in which cylindrical rollers are vertically arranged in a cross pattern between the inner and outer rings of the bearing. The rollers and raceways are in linear contact, with good rigidity. Under load, the elastic deformation of the bearing is very small, and it can withstand radial load, axial load, and torque load simultaneously. It is particularly suitable for situations that require high rigidity and high rotational accuracy.

2. Cross tapered roller bearings

Cross tapered roller bearings have two rows of tapered rollers arranged vertically in a 90 ° V-shaped raceway surface through spacer retainers, and can withstand loads in all directions, such as radial and axial loads. The line contact on the raceway and roller structure provides high rotational accuracy, high stability, and greater tilt stiffness.

Application of cross roller bearings:

The size of the inner and outer rings of cross roller bearings is minimized, especially the extremely thin type, which is close to the limit of small size and has high rigidity. Therefore, it is very suitable for the joint or rotating parts of industrial robots, rotating workbenches of mechanical machining centers, rotating parts of robotic arms, precision rotating workbenches, medical machines, measuring devices, IC manufacturing devices, etc. It has the characteristics of high rotation accuracy, simple operation and installation, small installation space, simple but sufficient lubrication.

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